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Global Empowering Women Organisation (GEWO)

The Global Empowering Women Organisation (GEWO) is causing global cultural reform through inspiring the new generation of leaders by empowering women to rise up and fulfil on their purpose and mission in life while causing peace. Women are rising up across the globe and the new generation of leaders are able to do this safely and move into a new realm of empowerment for the work of the GEWO.


Creating leaders in the home, workplace, community, nations and the world.


Educating for long term sustainable change for women in the world.


Innovating for a better life and a better world for women.

Making a Difference

In recent years the number of women who are homeless, living in poverty or living in oppression has increased significantly globally. The GEWO as a for purpose organisation is raising awareness of this and helping women off the streets, out of oppression and poverty in partnership with existing organisations. Women must rise up.

Take Action

Women in the world need your help.