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The GEWO is a for purpose organisation designed to cause global cultural reform for the way all women are treated and to raise them up in the world in the ways that their values depict. It is to forge a new way of life and new future for women globally through services and for purpose projects and impacting the lives of millions of women. It is to ensure that there is peace forged through the work of the GEWO and the world is caused to be a better place and there is a new world for all people and humanity.

Strategic Vision

  • Being a voice for women through advocacy and human rights.
  • Shaping the future for all women toward an inclusive world through gender equality.
  • Raising awareness of current issues for women to influence change.
  • Raising women out of oppression, poverty and homelessness.
  • Forging a safe and ecological world for all people for world peace.


The GEWO was founded by Anna Maria Lang. She is inspired in life to empower women and is a human rights advocate, campaigner for world peace, social entrepreneur and author. She has been involved in women’s empowerment in many ways for decades and is passionate about the welfare, wellbeing and lives of all women.