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The GEWO is designed to help those who cannot help themselves. In the current economic climate, women are often the first to lose their jobs and they are struggling with oppression, poverty and homelessness in ways that cause them to become trapped in cycles of abuse and suffering. They are in need of your help to provide funds and the GEWO is currently raising funds to donate to existing organisations and special cases to raise women up into a life they deserve.

Giving Hope

There is hope for women who make up approximately half of the population where many have been left to fend for themselves in a world that due to reasons outside of their control, they have become that which they may not want to be.

They are seeking to rise up and they need your assistance because many, particularly the mature generations, veterans and mothers are seeking to be helped out of their current situation and into a place where they can live their lives the way they are destined and meant to.

How You Can Help

Inside of this mission to raise funds for women, there is much your funds can do. It can simply take a couple of thousand dollars to raise one woman off the streets and into a furnished home and to be able to take care of their children and themselves in a way that is lasting and sustainable change. The GEWO stands for lasting and sustainable change and there are many women in the world who need your assistance. Your funds go directly to those who are in need with minor administration costs.










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Helping Those Most in Need

The funds raised by the GEWO are allocated to those most in need in the world. There are women in need in all regions of the world in differing ways and the funds raised go toward the above mentioned aspects of empowerment. Your much needed funds make a difference to these women which in turn impacts men and children also while there is much your support can do to make a difference in these women's lives.